IGCS Director
Peter Gilgen
Acting Director of the Institute for German Cultural Studies
Associate Professor, Department of German Studies
IGCS Steering Committee
photo Amanda Goldstein (2016-2018)
Department of English
 McEnaney Image Tom McEnaney (2016-2018)
Department of Comparative Literature
 AnnettaAlex copy Annetta Alexandridis (2013-2016)
Department of History of Art and Visual Studies
IGCS Steering Committee (Previous Members)
Sabine Haenni (2010-2014, Performing and Media Arts), Brían Hanrahan (2012-2014, Performing and Media Arts), Jason Frank (2010-2014, Government), Elke SIegel (2011-2014, German Studies), Paul Fleming (2011-2013, German Studies), Michelle Kosch (2009-2012, Philosophy), Patrizia McBride (2007-2011, German Studies), Suman Seth (2007-2011, Science & Technology Studies), Milton S. F. Curry (2009-2010, Architecture), David Yearsley (2006-2010, Music), Andrew Chignell (2005-2009, Philosophy), Diana Reese (2006-2009, German Studies and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies), Barry Maxwell (2003-2006, Comparative Literature and American Studies), Natalie Melas (2003-2006, Comparative Literature), Neal Zaslaw (2002-2005, Music), Peter Gilgen (2002-2005, German Studies), Chris Otto (2001-2004, Architecture), Dominic Boyer (2001-2004, Anthropology), Susanne Pohl (2000-2003, History), Annette Richards (2000-2003, Music), Fred Neuhouser (2000-2003, Philosophy), Anette Schwarz (1999-2002, German Studies), Leslie Adelson (1997-2000, German Studies), Werner Goehner (1996-1999, Architecture), Jonathan Monroe (1996-1999, Comparative Literature), Michael Steinberg (1995-1998, History), Art Groos (1995-1998, German Studies and Music), Biddy Martin (1994-1997, German Studies and Women’s Studies), Susan Buck-Morss (1993-1996, Government), Isabel Hull (1993-1996, History), David Bathrick (1993-1996, German Studies and Theatre, Film & Dance), Allen Wood (1993-1996, Philosophy)