Word from the Director


by Paul Fleming

Director of the Institute for German Cultural Studies Professor, Departments of German Studies and Comparative Literature

Director of the Institute for German Cultural Studies
Professor, Departments of German Studies and Comparative Literature

Welcome back to what promises to be another year of exciting IGCS events. I especially want to thank Leslie Adelson for assuming the directorship of the Institute this year. IGCS could not be in better, more experienced hands.

In addition to the colloquia, workshops, conferences, and other events documented in this issue of German Cultural News and on the IGCS website, I would also like to highlight the following news from 2015-16:

IGCS is delighted to announce its partnership in the Enhanced DAAD Thematic Network: “Literature-Knowledge-Media” (partnering with the Humboldt University Berlin as well as Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins). This PhD Network was approved by the DAAD for 4 years of financing and builds on IGCS’s and the German Department’s long-standing exchange with the Humboldt University on both the graduate and faculty levels. The Thematic Network offers travel and research money for graduate students for individual research as well as for the yearly summer workshop, featuring faculty and graduate students from all the partner institutions. In summer 2015, Patrizia McBride, Peter Gilgen, Elke Siegel, and Paul Fleming together with Matt Stoltz, Christine Schott, and Anna Horakova all attended the workshop, with Gilgen, Fleming, and Horokova presenting; in summer 2016, Patrizia McBride, Amanda Goldstein, Jacy Tackett, Jette Gindner, and Stephen Klemm attended the conference on “Resources/ Quellen” with Klemm presenting his doctoral work.

Together with the German Department, IGCS is proud to continue its graduate student exchange with the University of Cologne. The exchange partner is Cologne University’s Humanities graduate school, a.r.t.e.s. (part of Cologne University being awarded an “excellence” status among German universities). Applications for the exchange are open to all Humanities graduate students with a knowledge of German who could benefit from a semester or a year researching in Cologne. As part of the exchange,

Cornell students receive 1,000 euros per month for up to 10 months: every year we can send either one 1 graduate student for the full 10 months, or 2 graduate students for 5 months each (it can be the same semester). If you are a graduate student in the Humanities, know German, and would like to apply to this program, please be in touch with IGCS. Congratulations to Matt Stoltz and Leigh York, PhD candidates in German, for being awarded stipends to Cologne for 2015-16.

Three years ago, IGCS together with the German Department, inaugurated a yearly graduate student forum with the University of Colorado-Boulder and Johns Hopkins University for advanced graduate students in German to workshop dissertation chapters to professors and graduate students. This past year (May 2016) we formalized the structure and added a rotating member. The forum is held annually in Boulder in May at the end of term. Each partner university brings two professors and two graduate students; in addition we invite one rotating member, whose professor offers an opening seminar for the graduate students and faculty alike; the additional university can brings two graduate students. Over the following two days, each graduate student 1) will prepare a pre-distributed 1 page dissertation abstract that all participants read in advance; 2) will present a paper for 25 minutes, with 25 minutes of discussion; 3)will have at the end of the forum three 20 minutes one-one-one meetings with faculty members from a different university. In these individual meetings, students receive detailed feedback on all aspects of their presentations (from content, to performance, to fielding questions, etc.) and/or further brainstorm on the dissertation and/or practice for the job market via a mini-mock-interview (especially for students who are going on the job market the following fall). This past May (2016), IGCS and the German Department were very happy to support the travel of two of graduate students, Matteo Calla and Jette Gindner, and two faculty members, Anette Schwarz and Leslie Adelson.

IGCS continues to sponsor a Contemporary German Literature Reading Group dedicated to the discussion of the most recent works of German literature (texts appearing in the last 5-10 years). We meet several times throughout the term; if you are interested in participating, please be in touch with IGCS.

And to kick off this term…

In August/September 2016, IGCS is delighted to welcome Kathrin Röggla as Writer-in-Residence. We are also very pleased to welcome Dr. Ralf Klausnitzer as our Humboldt University exchange professor for the last two weeks of September 2016. Please see their short biographies included in these pages as well as their multiple events listed on the posters at the end of this issue.

Overview of IGCS’s fall 2016 events:

8/29 Kathrin Röggla, Writer-in Residence, Literary Reading in German

9/2 Compact Seminar in German with Kathrin Röggla

9/6 Kathrin Röggla, Poetics Lecture in German

9/16 Ralf Klausnitzer colloquium

9/17 Theory Transfer Workshop
Cornell-Humboldt University Exchange

9/22 Eric Hayot lecture

10/14 Pál Kelemen colloquium

11/4 Doris Bachmann-Medick colloquium

11/4-5 Cornell Cinema events
with Alloy Orchestra

11/11-12 Graduate Conference, “Endings”

12/1 Early German Music event

12/2 Erik Born colloquium

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