Artists in Residence

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The Institute for German Cultural Studies was especially pleased to initiate its artist-in-residence program in 2003 under the directorship of Peter Hohendahl.  Visiting artists always present their own work, conduct compact seminars on related subjects, and interact with students and other members of the Cornell community in a variety of other ways. 

Beginning in 2008, the IGCS additionally invites visiting artists to present new critical reflections on contemporary aesthetics from their particular artistic perspective.  The inaugural lecture and all future lectures on contemporary aesthetics will be published in the IGCS newsletter (German Culture News) and can be electronically accessed through both the IGCS Website and Cornell University’s e-repository.  Individual artists retain the copyright to their work.

Semester Artist 
Spring 2019

Rebekka Kricheldorf

(February 26-March 9, 2019)

Spring 2018

Clemens J. Setz

(April 16-27, 2018)

Fall 2016

Kathrin Röggla

(August 26-September 8, 2016)

Spring 2015

Ulrich Peltzer

(April 1-19, 2015)

Spring 2013

Barbara Köhler

(April 1-19, 2013)

Fall 2011

Hans Christoph Buch

(Sept. 5 – 22, 2011)

Spring 2010

Heiner Goebbels

(March 7-17, 2010)

Spring 2009

Yoko Tawada

(March 22-April 12, 2009)

Spring 2008

Christine Rinderknecht

(April 6-27, 2008)

Spring 2007

Holger Teschke

(February 5- March 12, 2007)

Fall 2005

Monika Treut

(September 4-23, 2005)

Spring 2005

Stefan Beuse

(February 27-March 19, 2005)

Fall 2003

Oswald Egger

(October 27-November 27, 2003)