Institute for German Cultural Studies Spring 2024 Colloquium Series

Spring 2024 Colloquium Series

Fridays • 2:30PM • Klarman Hall • Room 155


February 9 - Alexander Sorenson (Binghamton University)

The Heart Left Behind: On Ecstasy and Present Absence in Rilke’s Middle Period

March 1 - Jessica Ruffin (MIT)

Swimming in Ressentiment

March 8 - Ani Chen (Cornell University)

The Voice of Hysteria in Hélène Cixous's Portrait de Dora

March 29 - Pınar Gümüş Mantu (University of Giessen)

Inherited Otherness: Reflections on Difference and Memory in Postmigrant Germany 

May 3 - Carsten Strathausen (University of Missouri)

Kafka’s Beings. An Adaptationist Approach


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Spring 2024 Colloquium Series